wedding florist

Hey there! I'm Suzie.


Owner, head honcho, and big cheese, here at Statice. I've been at this whole flower thing for OVER A DECADE. Yup, I know... it's crazy! I started my business back in October 2009. It started as a hobby, and by accident to be honest. It was "the recession," no one had any extra money to use as confetti, let alone spend on flowers, and many of my college friends who were engaged were having a hard time planning their dream wedding. Back then, Pinterest wasn't big yet and Instagram was non-existent, so brides-to-be would carry around those big Vera Bradley print binders and rip out scraps from the wedding mags they were gifted upon engagement. Before I moved to South Carolina to attend Clemson, I had some experience as a floral designer under my belt from working at the COOLEST EVER flower market in the DC metro area (shout out to En Masse!). Anyway, I opened my big mouth and offered my services as a florist-for-hire. It was actually more like florist-for-favor, since I wasn't really turning a profit. Back then, I was just happy if I could cover my school books and pay my hefty $300/month apartment rent! Beer money was good too :)

Back to the recession... You still following? Good. My business started in the days of dun, dun, dun.... the Mason jar. Yes. The beginnings of this full service floral design company were built on a pile of itchy burlap and cases of blue balls (the Mason jar kind) C'mon!

What I'm trying to say here is that I started this thing from VERY humble beginnings. Around here, we are still humble. On any given wedding prep day you will catch me in my basement studio, hair in a bun, barefoot with my painting pants on. Our work is labor intensive and keeps us busy from Wednesday-Sunday while we prep for events, schlepping flowers to and fro. 

My business has run the extensity of this wedding world, and so have I. I started as a mason jar filler, and in the last two years I've had the honor of executing some very large scale, luxury weddings. I've done things I didn't think I could do, managed teams, and faced my fears. 

I thought I wanted to be a "luxury floral designer," but this past year or so has taught me that what inspires and motivates me to design beautiful things are the flowers and the people. It's you! When it stops being about you, I lose interest. When it stops being about the beauty and quality of the flowers, and instead becomes about the quantity, I lose steam. I desire to create ambiance and to make my clients utterly joyous on their wedding day. If JOY & BEAUTY are what you are seeking on your wedding day, then I can definitely help you out with that! Drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you.